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How does Ava Barber, Clay Hart and Jim Turner change a light bulb?

        - Clay changes it while Ava & Jim sing about the old one

How can you tell that Barney Liddell or Bob Havens is at your front door?

        - The doorbell drags

How does Richard Maloof fix a broken tuba?

        - With a tuba glue

What's the diffrence between an Uzi and a accordian?

        - An Uzi stops after twenty rounds

What happens when Buddy Merrill, Neil Levang, Clay Hart & Richard Maloof plays a country song backwards?

       - Your wife returns to you, you sober up, your dog comes back to life and you get
          out of prison

What did Lawrence Welk say to the drive-thru person at McDonalds?

      - I'll have ah-one, ah-two, ah one, two, three, four cheeseburgers please

How can you tell when Johnny Klein is at the door?

      - The knock speeds up

How many of Lawrence Welk's critics does it take to change a light bulb?

      - They don't know how to change a light bulb, but they'll find something wrong with how his Musical Family does it

" My wife came back to me, I just sobered up, my dog has come back from the dead, and I just got out of prison."