Submitted by Jenny Lee Ghiz
Hi There! My name is Jenny Lee and I hail from Lake Charles, Louisiana. There are three things in life I cherish the most, my family, Lawrence Welk and WEDDINGS! I have a personal collection of Welk wedding photos for years and now thanks to this webpage, I can share them to y'all, ENJOY!
Bobby Burgess and Kristie Floren
Married in 1971
With Sally Flynn as Maid of Honor, Brent Griffiths & Sandi Jensen make it official in '69.
Barbara Boylan and Greg Dixon
Tied the Knot in 1967
Another great shot of Kristie and Bobby!
Bobby Burgess, Kristi Floren Burgess with daughter Wendi and her new beau Remon Pagels in 2002
Jannet Lennon and Lee Bernhardi saying "I Do" in 1966, today she is now Mrs. John Bahler
Tanya Falan hooks in Larry Welk in 1968, and Lawrence couldn't be any more so proud!
From 1973, it's Richard Maloof and Mary Lou Metzger on their BIG DAY, they are so in love
Just a pair of young lovers,
that's Peggy Lennon and Dick Cathcart in 1964
A lovely couple, Dee Dee Lennon and Dick Gass from 1960
This is my absolute favorite,
Sally Flynn and Clay Hart
exchanging vows in 1974!
Lawrence with Gail Farrell and Rick Mallory on their big day 1973
Here's Greg and Barbara off to their honeymoon!
From 2002, it's Sandi and Brent with their son Daniel marrying Tara Curran!
And later, their daughter Emili also
ties the knot as well!