MYRON: You're all familiar with all the dance shows on television, such as Soul Train and American Bandstand?
LAWRENCE: Well, me being this year's Rose Parade Grand Marshal got my creative juices flowing, and since I love to dance....
(interrupts): ....with the ladies.
LAWRENCE: If I may continue, I thought that our first show after our holiday break should be about dance.
CISSY: Cool, that's right up my alley!
BOBBY: I agree, but we've done shows that salute dance before.
LAWRENCE: Ah, but this isn't going to be your normal Lawrence Welk show....I also heard about that dance marathon contests are the latest thing.
MARY LOU: Oh yeah! I heard these contests last at least 24 hours....which couple can dance the longest.
LAWRENCE: starting next week, live on Saturday night, we will do The Lawrence Welk Champagne Dance Contest and Telethon!
MYRON: The boss also was inspired by watching Jerry Lewis' MDA telethons on Labor Day.
A dance marathon...on live television? Will it work?
BOBBY: WOW! A dance contest! It's gonna give me and Cissy a chance to show off all of our best dance moves.
CLAY: But wait, Lawrence....some of us here in the Musical Family aren't the world best dancers, like yours truly, the cowboy with two left feet.
MYRON: The boss is aware of that matter Clay.
LAWRENCE: Yes in fact, the contest is going to involve not just us music makers, we're also going to have members of our studio audience participate and that's not gonna stop there!
SANDI & SALLY: Who else?
LAWRENCE: We're also gonna invite some of my friends in the entertainment industry, those famous celebrities as you kids call them!
GAIL: Alright, I can picture myself dancing the rhumba or the fox trot with Robert Redford, Ryan O' Neal, Burt Reynolds.....
(interrupts): Not quite Gail.
JIMMY: Okay then, which celebrities will be on the special Mr. Welk?
LAWRENCE: I'm getting to that Jimmy, my friends Meredith Wilson, Henry Mancini and Jack Benny for starters, plus for the kids.....I've invited a few wunnerful performers known as Big Bird, Ernie, Bert, Oscar, Kermit, Grover.....
JIMMY: Haven't heard of them before, old bandmates from North Dakota?
SANDI: Actually, they are the cast from the television show Sesame daughter Jenni loves that show.
JACK: We're gonna have puppets on the show?!
MARY LOU: They're called muppets Jack.
JACK: Wild, I've seen everything now!
DICK: They also have the Cookie Monster on that show, don't they?
MYRON: Yes, and he's also in the contest....just be sure you keep him away from the buffet table.
ARTHUR: Sounds great, but can they dance?
LAWRENCE: Like I said, everyone is gonna participate, regardless if you're an excellent dancer or not, besides we are gonna have rehersals first.
GUY: Sound like me and Ralna gotta brush up on the Twist...and fast!
RALNA: I don't know about Guy, but I can still do one mean Mashed Potato.
CLAY: Mashed Potato? Are we serving that on the buffet table?
BOBBY: Looks like we got alot of work to do.
LAWRENCE: Here's the nuts and da' bolts of the's a 24 hour dance marathon, in which we'll be on television live starting next Saturday at seven o'clock here at the studios. Each of you will be paired with either someone in the studio audience or a Hollywood Star as your dancing partner, whoever is the last couple still dancing after twenty-four hours straight will win the Grand Prize
(pulls out a six foot gold plated trophy), this wunnerful trophy with your names on it, plus a vacation to wunnerful Acapulco!
LAWRENCE: And that's in Mexico of course.
GUY: Now I really have to brush up on my dancing.
LAWRENCE: And since this is also going to be a telethon, hence being on TV for twenty four hours straight, all the donations we get will go to me and Myron's favorite charity....The American Cancer Institute.
DICK: Sounds great! Gang, we gotta start rehearsing as soon as possible, like right now!
TANYA: Yeah, it's now 10 o' to the studio!