Another literary masterpiece written by Super Larry Cornstarch
The Lawrence Welk Musical Family (from the 1971-72 season)
Gertrude Snerd (audience member-about 70 years old)
Bob Johnson (audience member-55 years old)
Alice Cromarte (audience member-about 45 years old)
The Cast of TV's Sesame Street (Big Bird, Ernie, Bert, Cookie Monster, etc)
Meredith Wilson (famous playwright), Jack Benny (legendary comic), Henry Mancini (famous songwriter)
DISCLAIMER: This story is 100 PERCENT FICTIONAL....not meant for profit or to be taken seriously, it's just a funny story I wrote for the purpose of good storytelling and some laughs!

The Setting: Southern California circa New Year's weekend 1972, at the Welk studios on Prospect and's a staff meeting prior to rehersals for the first show of the new year.
We see Jack Imel and Dick Dale in the maestro's office...Ken Delo enters the room.
KEN: Hey guys, I wonder what the boss wants to see all of us for?
JACK: It has to be something really important, especially since it's the day after New Year's.
KEN: Uh oh, I hope it's not about what happened on the New Year's Eve show, it's not my fault the bubble machine malfunctioned during Norma's number.
DICK: I doubt it was that, considering we all were a little goofy that night.
JACK: Yeah, especially Lawrence.
KEN: Oh yeah, he was this year's Grand Marshal for the Rose Bowl Parade, I would be on cloud nine myself.
Sandi Griffiths, Sally Flynn, Gail Farrell and Joe Feeney enter the room next
DICK: Morning Joe, morning girls.
SANDI: Mornin' Dick, did you have a great new year's?
JOE: I know I did, watching Stanford stick it to Michigan in the Rose Bowl!
SALLY: Oh yeah, Mr. Welk was the Grand Marshal, saw him in the parade?
JOE: Yup, I haven't seen him this happy since the concert at Madison Square Garden.
GAIL: I wonder what does he want to see us in his office at this time? I hope it's nothing to do with Ken and the bubble machine going on the fritz.
KEN: I plead the fifth! What happened was pure coincidence!
Next to come inside is Bobby Burgess, Cissy King, Clay Hart, Tanya Falan, Mary Lou Metzger, Norma Zimmer followed by Guy Hovis, Ralna English, Arthur Duncan and Jimmy Roberts
CISSY: Sorry I'm a bit late, I had to stop at the Dount Hole for breakfast.
JACK: Not to worry, the boss hasn't arrived yet. Is that the Triple Fudge Glazed doughnut?
CISSY: Yup, I didn't have time to make I always wanted to try their Triple Fudge Glazed.
BOBBY: Sweet! I could use a doughnut, I'm starved!
RALNA: Anyone know what Mr. Welk wanted to see us in here for?
JIMMY: I heard that it's something big concerning the show, since we went into syndication.
TANYA: Cool! I wonder if were getting a raise?
RALNA: Or a cut, you know that syndication can be a tricky thing monetary speaking.
ARTHUR: I doubt it, when I saw the boss down the hall, he had a huge grin on his face.
MARY LOU: Must be the glow from being the Rose Bowl Parade's Grand Marshal.
NORMA: I think Mr. Welk is coming, this has to be big news!
The Maestro Lawrence Welk, along with accordian extrodinare Myron Floren enters the room
LAWRENCE: Ah, good morning boys and girls....did you have a wunnerful holiday vacation?
THE MUSICAL FAMILY: Yes we did Mister Welk!
GAIL: We all saw you on TV during the Rose Bowl parade, you were great!
LAWRENCE: Ah yes, I was....and that lead me to the topic of this morning's staff meeting.
(talking towards Jack): I hope it's not about the bubble machine.
(who overheard Ken's comments): It's not that Ken, in fact what Lawrence is about to say affects all of us, and it's pretty big too.
(talking towards Tanya): Maybe we will get a raise after all.
LAWRENCE: Myron is right about one thing, what I have is wunnerful, wunnerful news about our television show; in fact, if it all goes well, this would be the biggest thing to go down since we left the network for syndication.
MARY LOU: What is it? Are we going on location to say....Hawaii?
LAWRENCE: Not quite, it's a little down the road. Gather around kids, it's something I always wanted to do for a long time.