Concert Review & Pictures by JB Funky
Pack your bags kids! We are going on a road trip Champagne Style to Cleveland!
I first heard about this show since last September online, that the Forever Blowing Bubbles show was headed for the midwest, my part of the country, to perform at Regina High School in the suburb of South Euclid, Ohio which is a few miles east of Cleveland. Without any hesistation, I snapped up my tickets in anticipation, and who wouldn't? I have first heard of Forever Blowing Bubbles from Vicki Anderson, who's on Yahoo! Welknotes and they have performed before in Reno, Nevada which is sooooooo far away out west
from my hometown of Toledo.
Cleveland, South Euclid to be exact, is only about 120 miles east from where I live, and knowing that the show has Welk legends such as Gail Farrell, Tanya Falan, Cissy King, Ken Delo, The Aldridge Sisters, Joe Feeney, Michael Redman and of course
Sally Flynn & Clay Hart, you can understand my excitement leading up to that fateful day of
Sunday, April 25, 2004.
On that day, dressed in my Sunday best, with my cameras, ticket and other traveling junk every good motorist should have. I loaded up my car and headed out on the Ohio Turnpike due east to the rock & roll city of Cleveland. I had made the trip to the city before, to watch Cavaliers basketball at downtown Gund Arena, but this will be my first concert held in the city by the mighty Cuyahoga River.
After navigating thru numerous side streets, I arrived in South Euclid where desitiny awaits. Actually, it is Regina High School, a Catholic all-girls school that has an excellent educational reputation, but its auditorium is anything but. It was a small hall, and it had no air conditioning, which was not easy when it is 75 degrees outside, rainy, overcast & humid....I felt like I was in a sauna!
But the folks were friendly, and so was the audience. I got to mingle a bit before the show and got a chance to meet Vicki in person, whom I corresponded with on Welknotes. She is a very friendly and nice lady who hails from Elon, North Carolina and has been a huge Clay & Sally fan for many many years! She also helps them out whenever they go out on tour, handling the merchandise, props and costumes...and she does an excellent job with her duties.
And so....after purchasing two CDs and a program from the gifts and autograph table, I was now ready to take my seat for two plus hours of wunnerful Champagne music to come.
Let there be Forever Blowing Bubbles from the Lawrence Welk Show!
Just click on the link below to enjoy
the pictures, the stars and the memories from that April day in 2004.
The main campus of Regina High School,
from the parking lot