Since 1968, Ranwood Records has released several albums made by Lawrence Welk and his Champagne Music Makers, but there are some that for some reason, never reached the public.
Here are a few courtesy of Welk fan and webpage contributor Super Larry Cornstarch who presents..
1. CLAY & SALLY HART - DIVIDED WE FALL (Clay & Sally sings songs for divorce and breaking off relationships)

2. CHAMPAGNE FROM THE HEART OF SPACE (Lawrence Welk and his orchestra plays their favorite New Age space music

3. BUBBLES FROM THE STREET (The Music Makers get down to the popular rap and hip hop hits of today)

4. GUY, RALNA AND SPIKE (Guy & Ralna sing Spike Jones' famous hits)

5. TOM NETHERTON - DISCO SONGS (Tom sings your favorite disco hits)

6. STRIPPED POLKA (Lawrence, Myron Floren and Joey Schmidt play some of the world's most obscene polka meledies)

7. JO ANN CASTLE - NEW WAVE RAG (Jo Ann plays 80s hits by Duran Duran, The Cars, Motley Crue and Toni Basil in ragtime piano style!)

8. ALADDIN - I'LL PUT YOU ON HOLD (Aladdin recites some of more popular readings from telemarketers that sell dance lessons and credit cards)

9. SOUTHERN FRIED CHAMPAGNE (The Welk Orchestra plays instrmentals of your favorite Southern Rock legends like Lynard Skynard and Molly Hatchett

10. JOE FEENEY - SOUL PATROL (Our Irish Tenor sings Marvin Gaye, Barry White and Teddy Pendergrass)

11. BUBBLES IN THE GRUNGE (The Maestro and his music makers perform the best from Seattle, grunge songs from Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Sonic Youth

12. JIMMY ROBERTS - GRANDMASTER J (Jimmy sings the best hip hop from Public Enemy, NWA and Beastie Boys)

13. CHAMPAGNE HAIR (The Welk Orchestra plays hits from your favorite 80s hair bands)

14. SANDI & SALLY - ANARCHY IN THE WINE (Sandi & Sally sings the most popular punk rock songs by the Sex Pistols, Go Gos, Black Flag & Green Day)

15. ANACANI - MUCHO TECHNO (Our favorite Mexican senorita sings the most popular Euro-techno dance Spanish of course!)