Later we see Jack Imel with Mary Lou reharsing a number for the show....she's on to him and has something in store as well.

MARY LOU: Jack, I know you pulled that number with the exploding gift.
JACK (trying to act innocent): What ever makes you think it was little ol' me? Could be another feller named Jack.
MARY LOU: Riiiiiggggghhhhtttt.....and im Pat Nixon.
JACK: You're up to something, aren't you.
MARY LOU: I'm not saying so, but something may happen when you least expect it.

Suddenly.....we hear a loud popping exploding sound, something like a huge bubble gum bubble in which we see Barney Liddell enter, splattered in pink goo.

JACK: Barn.....what happened to you?
BARNEY: I don't know, one moment I was playing "Woodchoppers Ball" on my trombone when all the sudden, a huge bubble came out and POP, there is bubble gum all over me!
JACK (Laughs): Now that's what I call forever blowing bubbles!
BARNEY: One of you guys pulled something on me, I know it!
JACK & MARY LOU: We're not sayin' so.
BARNEY: One word of advice, a Liddell never forgets, you'll see. (He leaves)
MARY LOU (towards Jack): Like I said, when you least expect it.

Later.....we meet up with Gail rehearsing for another number for the upcoming show, she then decides to take a break by innocently getting a cup of coffee at the snack table....or so it seems.

GAIL (to herself, giggling): Time for a break, that bubble gum in the trombone joke was brilliant by my standards.

Then Sandi enters the room, just as she does....Gail takes a sip of her coffee and then spits it out suddenly.

SANDI: How it going Gailee?
GAIL: UGH.....somebody put salt in my coffee!
SANDI (laughs): I remember it now, earlier Barney was here, he wanted to try something new at the snack table.
GAIL: In more ways than one!

Later, we see Ken Delo out in the stage where the audience sits, it's empty now but Kenny is rehearsing a number that involves serenading to one of the members of the audience.

KEN (singing):
"Mammy, Mammy, The sunshine's east, the sunshine's west...."

He then sits down in one of the chairs, and then he hears a loud flatulence sound.


KEN: Holy cow, where did that come from?

He gets up, realizes it's him....and then gets an additional suprise, brown stuff on the seat of his pants!

KEN: UH OH!!!!! 

Then he realizes it is only chocolate pudding, and then he sees Tanya laughing on the left side of the stage. Later we see our happy Norwegian accordinist Myron Floren practing on his accordian for a number, he then realizes that it is making an unusual sound, a squishing sound.

MYRON: Wait just a minute, my accordian doesn't sound like that!

He then discovers that someone put strawberry jello inside his squeezebox!

MYRON: It's April Fools Day again! (He sighs)

Moments later, we find Anacani praticing on a song with Bob Smale at the piano, everything is going alright until Bob hits one particular piano key.....

KABOOM!!!!!!! The top of the piano all the sudden blew off!

ANACANI: Wow, now that's what I call an explosive number!
BOB: You're telling me.

And then we see Jack Imel in the guys dressing room getting changed, he heads for the closet opens the door and then...


A pile of rubber snakes falls down on him

JACK: Very sneaky Mary Lou, very sneaky!

We now turn back to the girls dressing room, Sandi is getting dressed for a choral number, she is about to put facial cream on until.....

SANDI: Yech, this is not my facial cream!

No, it happens to be oatmeal from the snack table.

SANDI: This time, they have gone too far!